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Communications and Marketing

  • Boise State University

    University Web Team

    Communications and Marketing is responsible for the overall direction, organization and appearance of the Boise State University web presence.

  • Photo Services

    Photographic Services

    Campus photographers provide professional service with high-quality images and archives that chronicle campus life and enhance key university messages through photos.

  • Marketing


    Our marketing staff creates engaging strategies to support and sustain the Boise State brand and image. Our mission is to keep the university’s identity strong.

  • News Services

    News Services

    A staff of communications specialists earns media coverage by publicizing the people and programs of the university to the local, regional and national news media.

  • YouTube Capture

    Video Services

    Boise State has a well-equipped video production department able to produce studio and field videos in support of key university initiatives and projects.

  • Publications Slide 4-2-13


    Communications and Marketing has a proud tradition of quality publications from the alumni magazine FOCUS to the continuously updated staff/faculty newsletter UPDATE.

The Office of Communications and Marketing is responsible for building, enhancing and protecting the University’s image through strategic communications and marketing initiatives that reach internal and external audiences. It accomplishes this task by working through a variety of vehicles, including the news media, advertising, the Internet, publications, the office of Licensing and Trademark Enforcement and other forms of outreach.

For help with a specific topic, the staff is available to help you find faculty experts or to connect with newsmakers at Boise State.

Communications and Marketing is located in Capitol Village, at the intersection of Capitol Boulevard and University Drive.

Our Team: