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Boise State Moves Toward Modern Tuition System While Keeping Costs Down

Boise State University won permission from the school’s Board of Trustees, the State Board of Education, to allow the university to begin a move toward a “cost-based linear system,” in which students eventually would pay for each credit they take, instead of paying a lump sum for full-time or part-time tuition.

The change will occur over several years, and for the upcoming academic year, Boise State’s full- and part-time tuition and fees will remain the lowest of the four-year public universities in Idaho.

When the new system is fully implemented, it will accomplish several goals:
•    Help cover the cost of increased enrollments in upper-division courses. That’s a growing need: senior-level students passed freshmen as Boise State’s largest cohort in Fall 2010 (in part due to the opening of the College of Western Idaho). By ensuring tuition for each class students are taking, the university can hire additional faculty to eliminate the bottlenecks that can sometimes stand in the way of students finishing in four years.
•    Encourage students to complete courses for which they have registered, which has been another major stumbling block in getting students to finish in four years. Credits above 13 eventually would be discounted, preserving a financial incentive for students who wish to take more courses in a semester.
•    Eliminate an unfair cost model that leaves part-time students subsidizing full-time students, and deliver the university education in a way many working and part-time students want it – and in a more affordable way.

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