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These cover the basics, but call us for the specifics.

Q: Who owns the images shot by university photographers and held by Photographic Services?

A: Boise State University, under the maintenance of Photographic Services.

Q: What about a photograph or other image I requested to have shot for a specific purpose such as a publication?

While Photographic Services is here to provide photography needs for its various constituents and affiliates, BSU provides the services, furnishes and pays for the resources, and employs the photographers. It is therefore the primary owner of all images produced by Photographic Services and reserves all rights therein.

Q: So all images taken by Boise State are filed, stored and maintained by and accessed through Photographic Services?

A: Yes. Since BSU owns the images, the photographers keep the original digital files and provide the university’s customers with duplicate files or prints until the end of their project.

Furthermore, Photographic Services keeps all original digital files that are not required by the customer for reproduction. Keeping images in our archives guards against loss or damage and makes them available to others in the Boise State community.

Q: So even if I make the request for a photograph or other service from Photographic Services, the images I order become the property of BSU and can be used by anyone else?

A: Technically, yes, although in some cases the original requestor, such as the editor of a university publication, can request to have exclusive rights to his or her images for a limited amount of time.

Q: Under normal circumstances, who else has access to images I have arranged to have shot by Photographic Services.

A: The rest of the campus community and agencies affiliated with the state of Idaho.

Q: How do I get permission to use an image?

A: In the case of photographs created by Photographic Services permission is generally granted.

Q: Can I just download an image from Photographic Services’ Web site or copy one that I see in a university publication to use in my own brochure or Web site?

A: No. Using images without permission from the photographer or owner of the photographs is illegal. Copyright laws protect images on the Photographic Services Web site.

Q: Are there other considerations if I get an image off the Web?

A: Yes. Images on the Web are low resolution and will not reproduce well in printed publications. Photographic Services can help you determine if a higher-quality version of the image is required and help you get it. Remember, copyright law protects photos on the Web. There could be legal ramifications if you take an image from someone else’s site.

Q: I can’t find a photo that’s just right for my project. What now?

A: You can make arrangements with the university photographers to take original photographs or search the Photographic Services archive for an appropriate image.