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Welcome to the Boise State Social Media Blog

Hi everyone –

We’re working on trying some new ways of communicating internally about Social Media. I’m setting out with the lofty goal of attempting to blog about developments and new aspects of our work here at Boise State as social communicators frequently. So – check back often and keep in touch about what we’re learning, what’s trending, and what our tests illustrate as potential strategies for platforms.

In our line of work, things happen quickly, and one day’s win leads to another day of figuring out what to talk about and how. Strategy soon gets eaten up by time constraints, limitations and lack of resources. However, within that tight space – we can make work that’s better for in the long run if we generally stick to a few key rules and guiding principles.

We are attempting to do is create a vibrant dialogue about all the interesting and unique things about happening at Boise State across all the major social platforms.

How to go about that specifically varies from college, department and program – but the guiding principles remain true across all.

To have the most impact, find authentic ways to tell your story. And see it as a story – a strong open that draws the reader in, just enough information in the body, a strong close and a link to learn more. Throw in a hashtag and @tag another campus-partner or two and you’re golden.

Use the Boise State photo services archive to illustrate posts using our wonderful images of campus. There are a variety of images, so think creatively about a photo might match up with your story. If you have specific needs, contact our Photo Services team directly, they have a lot of talented photographers who capture so many Bronco Moments. Email Photo Services