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Promo Buttons for Website

One of the ways we promote the wide-range of opportunities around campus are with promo buttons on the homepage and on We’ve recently updated our promo button strategy to be compliant with Image Accessibility Best Practices. We won’t be able to publish the older style cut-out buttons with text embedded in the photo.

To Request a Featured Promo

1) Determine a strong photograph

Use the Boise State Photo Repository to find a wide range of images provided by our amazing University photographers. NOTE: You do not need to size the image. The final image will be 220×170.

2) Choose the link

3) Write a short description

Copy will need to be very short, and your suggested description may be shorted further to fit in the space. Copy is displayed using the h6 theme style.

4) Email the photo, link and description

to communications (at) and we’ll get them placed as soon as we can. We’ll communicate when you can expect to see the button live, and if there are any conflicts with availability.

Sample of Boise State’s Button Style

Photo Sample of Boise State Promo Button Style