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Ask the Enforcer

By: Kathleen Tuck   Published 11:47 am / August 24, 2009

Rachael Bickerton, The Enforcer

Rachael Bickerton, The Enforcer


Your previous three articles mainly dealt with third parties seeking a license. What about us on campus? Does a university department or campus organization need to seek a license to use the university’s logos in printed information describing the services of that department or organization?


Of course a department or campus organization may use the university logos in printed material without seeking prior permission. However, it is important to use the marks correctly. The Bronco logo is reserved for athletics and the institutional (diamond) logo is for use by the rest of the university. Secondary marks are not permitted except in certain circumstances and with prior permission.

Be sure to follow the Graphic Identity Policy that can found online (Please bookmark this page for future reference).

This document is due to be updated within the next few months. The policy will not be changed substantially but will be updated to reflect the increase in the university’s electronic communications and marketing. The campus community will be informed when the new policy is published.

Student organizations also should follow the guidelines established by the Student Involvement & Leadership Center.

Next week: What if a department or campus organization wants to have the university’s name or logo on items such as T-shirts, novelty items, etc? Also, What Is College Colors Day?