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On Board with Jennie Ficks

By: Kathleen Tuck   Published 4:13 pm / September 8, 2009

jennie_ficksFullAs a teenager and young adult, playing the French horn in marching and concert bands kept Jennie Ficks so engaged she had neither the time nor inclination to get into trouble. The common goal of musical excellence and creativity also served as a bonding experience with both her peers and Dr. Mel Shelton, an emeritus faculty member who later launched the Treasure Valley Concert Band.

“Dr. Shelton is at the top of the list of educators who believed in me and in my abilities, and he always brought out the best in me,” said Ficks, an administrative assistant in the Department of Music who still performs and teaches on the side.

Ficks, who supports the Melvin Shelton Band Scholarship, has a long association with the university. In addition to earning her BA in music/business in 2000, her mother, two brothers, sister-in-law and niece are past or current students, and her father taught special topics courses in psychology/counseling.

“Every dollar we give means one less dollar a talented student will have to borrow or earn,” she said. “In the longer view, every high quality student we recruit and retain strengthens our individual program and the university as a larger unit.”

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