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New Applications Added to Google Apps and BroncoMail

By: Shad Jessen   Published 7:16 am / July 5, 2011

Boise State has added a handful of new applications to Google Apps for Employees and BroncoMail.

  • Aviary is an image- and audio-editing suite of software tools to create, modify and share graphic designs and audio files easily and effectively.
  • EasyBib is an intuitive online bibliographic management tool. It’s the most popular tool of its kind, used by over 20 million students. Use EasyBib to easily cite books, websites and journals.
  • Digication is an e-portfolio tool for students to showcase and share their work online with colleagues, instructors, and potential employers. Currently, Digication is only enabled in the Google Apps for Employees system. However, OIT is working with Digication developers to provide Digication to all students via BroncoMail accounts before the upcoming fall semester.

Learn more about Aviary, EasyBib and Digication on BroncoBytes.