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Man on the Blue: New Institutional Spot Goes Beyond the Blue

By:    Published 11:25 am / November 2, 2011

The new “Man on the Blue” 30-second institutional television spot for Boise State demonstrates that the blue field is not the university’s only attribute.

In the commercial spot, a television broadcaster, played by theatre arts associate professor Gordon Reinhart, asks what people think about when they hear ‘Boise State.’ He becomes quite perplexed when the answers from professors, students and fans are not what he expects.

“Forensic genetics, using the power of DNA to find the guilty and free the innocent.”
Greg Hampikian is a professor with joint appointments in the departments of biological sciences and criminal justice and an internationally recognized expert and consultant on DNA forensics.

“Quorum sensing.”
Quorum sensing is a system of stimulus and response correlated to population density. The Department of Chemistry uses it to study bacteria such as the West Nile virus in its research work on viral vaccines.

“Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer from the Isotope Geology Lab.”
Known as TIMS, this piece of scientific equipment, operated by associate professor of geology Mark Schmitz, is used for high-precision geochronology and tracer isotope geochemistry.

“Working with NASA to develop plasma micro-propulsion devices for space exploration.”
Amy Moll, professor and interim dean of the College of Engineering, is part of a collaborative project for NASA focused on developing an affordable, micro-propulsion system that could strategically point small satellites and enable them to maintain position while in orbit.

“DNA nanotechnology.”
Researchers such as Will Hughes are using DNA nanotechnology to develop an inexpensive and portable system that could provide early-stage diagnosis through a simple blood test and lead to treatment of hundreds of diseases from cardiovascular to neurological.

The video, released in November 2011, further directs visitors to, a website showcasing faculty experts in a series of podcasts.

This new Beyond the Blue website has been launched to showcase the expertise and innovative spirit that exists in many fields at Boise State. Known for its unique blue turf and nationally ranked football program, Boise State is demonstrating its creativity beyond the blue in faculty podcasts, intended to introduce topics of interest to casual listeners.