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Beyond the Blue Podcast: Troy Rohn Examines Alzheimer’s Causes and Treatment Strategies

By:    Published 9:56 am / November 21, 2011

Boise State’s Troy Rohn, professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, shares his expertise on Alzheimer’s disease in this week’s Beyond the Blue faculty video podcast. His research focuses on the molecular mechanisms underlying Alzheimer’s disease, with the goal of identifying new potential drug targets for treatment.

Viewers can access the website featuring a series of faculty podcasts at or go directly to Rohn’s presentation. Visitors can listen/watch podcasts directly on the site or link to iTunesU, where they can download all podcasts and subscribe to receive automatic downloads of new content whenever they open iTunes.

Alzheimer’s disease has been coined as the “looming epidemic on the horizon.” More than 5 million Americans currently suffer from this neurodegenerative disease that robs patients of their memories, and this number is projected to triple by the middle of the century. Rohn discusses the disease process including the statistics, symptoms and progression that will allow for a better understanding of this insidious disease. In addition, a description of the molecular “trouble makers” provides the framework for a discussion on the current research goals and treatment strategies that are currently in clinical trials.

The Beyond the Blue website has been developed to showcase the expertise and innovative spirit that exists in many fields at Boise State. Known for its unique blue turf and nationally ranked football program, Boise State is demonstrating creativity beyond the blue in faculty podcasts intended to introduce a variety of topics to casual listeners.

New faculty podcasts are being added on a regular basis. Other informative commentaries are offered by Gary Moncrief (congressional redistricting), Evelyn Johnson (learning disabilities), Will Hughes (DNA nanotechnology), John Gardner (energy efficiency), Cheryl Jorcyk (breast cancer), Mitch Wieland (creative writing), Cindy Clark (civility in nursing), John Freemuth (public lands), Greg Hampikian (DNA forensics), Shelton Woods (rise of China), Jill Gill (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) and Brian Greber (America’s economic policy).

The website contains bonus video and editorial content about the university, including its growth, research initiatives and student life. A related collection of faculty interviews also is accessible from the Reader’s Corner radio show hosted by Boise State President Bob Kustra on Boise State Public Radio.