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Act 3: Student Video Series Looks Beyond the Blue

By: Kathleen Tuck   Published 10:38 am / December 15, 2011

View Episodes 1 and 2 here.

Boise State students provide their own unique take on life Beyond the Blue. Watch a series of three videos from Boise State’s independent Student Media group and see campus through their creative eyes. Beyond the Blue extends to all facets of the university, demonstrating the innovative spirit at its core.

The third video in the series takes viewers to the Bicycle Learning Center, the Art Department and a Bronco football game.

The productions are entirely student based, from talent to crew.


  • Ian Jerome (BA, theatre arts, performance emphasis, ’10)
  • Matthew Baltzell (BA, theatre arts, performance emphasis, ’11)

Produced by Student Media

  • Written and directed by Zach V. Ganschow (BFA, illustration, ’11)
  • Filmed by Ganschow and Ryan Morgan (BA, communication, media production emphasis, ’12)
  • Edited by Gray Battson (BA, communication, media production emphasis, ’12)
  • Art direction by Ganschow
  • Original music by Geoff Belcher (BA, communication and media studies, ’11)
  • Audio/production assistants by Aubry Hollingshead (BA, communication, media production emphasis, ’15) and Wes McClary (BA/BS, political science, ’12)