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Beyond the Blue Podcast: Let Them Read Trash

By:    Published 11:48 am / January 17, 2012

Are books such as vampire novels, mysteries, and fantasy “real” literature? Jeffrey Wilhelm, professor of English Education, reviews some highlights from a current study about how passionate adolescent readers engage with non-traditional texts. He also examines the implications for parenting, instruction, reading programs and libraries in this week’s Beyond the Blue faculty podcast “Let Them Read Trash: The Power of Marginalized Texts.”

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In this podcast, Wilhelm looks at non-traditional texts, such as graphic novels, manga, series books, video game novels, narrative video games, dystopian, vampire, horror, and fantasy narratives, and explores the deep psychological needs, satisfactions and uses these readers have for them, and the implications for psychological development, reading, and learning inside and outside of school. The findings of his study will be published in a forthcoming book from Scholastic Publishers tentatively entitled ‘Let Them Read Trash.’

Wilhelm is the founding director of the Maine Writing Project and the Boise State Writing Project, and works in local schools as part of a Virtual Professional Development Site Network. He has authored or co-authored 23 texts about literacy teaching and learning, and has won the two top research awards in English Education.

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