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Artwork Selected for SUB Bay Window Art Project

By: Kathleen Tuck   Published 10:40 am / December 20, 2012

Following a period of public input and review by the Student Union art advisory board, an artist has been selected for the Bay Window Art Project commission.

Goran Fazil, an art history alumnus, will create a unique 2D/3D painting representing a pyramid-type structure soaring into the sky. The work is meant to portray the development of progress in society through a continuous upward construction. The 3D bricks at the bottom of the painting represent the idea of an uncertain, crumbling foundation, which leaves room for a wide array of metaphorical interpretations.

Fazil added fragmented vases and other objects between the bricks to represent work from past cultures, such as the Greeks or Sumerians. “These are meant to encourage the viewers to reflect upon the past and convey the message that only through a careful study and understanding of history can we build our future,” Fazil said in his written proposal.

About the Bay Window Art Project:

The Boise State University Student Union Building serves as the center for campus life by providing educational, cultural, social, recreational and leadership programs and services that are integral to the academic experience. To further embrace this mission, specific areas were designated during the most recent Student Union expansion for commissioned artwork by students and alumni of Boise State.

There are four separate framed areas that were formerly exterior bay windows that have been preserved to retain a distinguished architectural feature of the existing building. These are now used to display commissioned art.