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Department of World Languages

By: Kathleen Tuck   Published 11:25 am / October 8, 2013

Twenty instructors from the Department of World Languages, including concurrent enrollment instructors from the Meridian School District, attended the Idaho Association of Teachers of Languages and Culture (IATLC) held at Kuna High School Oct. 4-5. The following instructors also presented at the conference:

  • “Pinterest for FL Educators” — Michaela Aird, Spanish
  • “10 Teaching Tidbits Based on Latest L2 Research” — Kelly Arispe, Spanish
  • “Spanish Masters Program?” — Adrian Kane, Spanish
  • “Preterit versus Imperfect” — Izaskun Kortazar, Spanish
  • “Blackboard-Collaborate” — Gemma Morawski, Spanish
  • “Ben Slavic’s TPRS Fun Skills-Advanced TPRS” — Craig Sheehy, Spanish
  • “Give a Gnome a Home” — Cassie Shelton, German
  • “Don’t Put Your Phones Away” — Becca Sibrian, German
  • “Poesie im Klassenzimmer” — Becca Sibrian, German
  • “Pronouns in Elementary and Intermediate Classes” — Arantza Ugalde, Spanish

In addition, Becca Sibrian was elected vice-president of IATLC and Fátima Cornwall was elected Spanish section head.

Presentation abstracts are available at:

Arantza Ugalde's presentation.

Arantza Ugalde’s presentation.







Becca Sibrian's presentation.

Becca Sibrian’s presentation.