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Boise State Historic Images Mobile Map Unveiled

By: Kathleen Tuck   Published 8:05 am / October 25, 2013

HistoricImageMapAlbertsons Library presents a new interactive map tool that showcases historic images of Boise State University. This mobile tool shows pointers of locations on campus. When you select a pointer, an image that was taken in that exact location appears on your screen. To view the mobile map now, click here.

The images were chosen to engage visitors, students, researchers, faculty and staff with the rich history of Boise State University. This digital tool explores the relationship between the campus community and physical space by featuring a variety of historical images, including construction of buildings, dedications and candid scenes of significant buildings and important landmarks on campus.

This tool is designed to function on any device, though using it on a mobile phone is optimal. Walking around campus, to and from classes, on your way to football games or visiting campus, you can see historic images of what used to be where you are standing. To learn about a specific photo, click the icon on the map to read more information and see a larger photo. Your location will display on the map as a green pointer.

To learn more about historic image of Boise State University, call Special Collections and Archives at 426-3958 or email