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Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning

By: Sherry Squires   Published 9:55 am / January 31, 2014

Portrait of Steve Villachica

Steve Villachica

Portrait of Anthony Marker

Anthony Marker

Portrait of Don Stepich

Don Stepich

The work of colleagues in Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning, in the College of Engineering, are highlighted in the editor notes of the January 2014 edition of the Performance Improvement Journal. Editor James A. Pershing draws attention to an article written by faculty members Anthony Marker, Steve Villachica and Don Stepich and graduate students DeAnn Allen and Lorece Stanton.

Photo of Lorece Stanton

Lorece Stanton

Portrait of DeAnn Allen

DeAnn Allen

“In this first PIJ issue for 2014, we have a major work to share from a team of colleagues associated with Boise State University. (They) present a framework for visualizing and modifying human performance technology (HPT) models to better reflect the dynamic and iterative nature of the performance improvement process. Their ‘Spiral HPI Framework’ is a must-read and, in my judgment, a valued addition to HPT modeling,” he notes.

The 2014 January issue of the Performance Improvement Journal and the article “Spiral HPI Framework” can be found online at Wiley’s online library or at Albertsons library.