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German Club Raises Berlin Wall on the Quad

By: Sherry Squires   Published 3:34 pm / November 4, 2014

Berlin wallBy Dave Mckerracher

To commemorate the 25th year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the German club at Boise State has raised a mock Berlin wall on campus.

It is located on Quad between Riverfront Hall and Albertsons Library. The campus community is welcome to spray paint a message on the wall throughout the week, and to come help demolish the wall at noon on Friday, Nov.  7. Sledgehammers will be provided.

Former German Club president and active German Club member Brice Froschhauser said the main purpose of the event is to educate students who have no living memory of the Berlin Wall or of the Cold War. This event is part of a week-long educational campaign by the World Languages department’s German program, with support from the German Embassy.

“We want to remind people of what the Berlin Wall was, and why it was so important to the international community,” said Froschhauser. “Essentially the fall of the Berlin Wall was the symbolic end of the Cold War. It was a people’s desire to unite themselves, as opposed to being divided by their politics. We just want to remind everyone why this happened, and it is important because most students are too young to remember.”

Froschhauser said some of his favorite outcomes of the wall this week were phrases about peace and friendship simultaneously being spray painted alongside one another on the wall in a variety of languages including Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, German, French and English.

The German Club meets weekly for a “regulars’ table.” This translates roughly to regulars who visit a restaurant or pub or even a coffee shop. Everyone is invited to come join the discussion and enjoy coffee among friends. These meetings offer an opportunity to meet German exchange students and to learn about German culture. Many of the club members have been to Germany or are in the planning stages of a trip to Germany. The Stammitisch meetings are held above the BRC in the Student Union Building at 12:30 p.m. every Friday. Everyone is welcome.

For more information about the German club, program or events, visit their Facebook page.