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Workshop Addresses Experiential Reflection in the Classroom

By: thomasatkins   Published 3:53 pm / February 12, 2015

The Service-Learning program will facilitate a workshop titled “Integrating Experiential Reflection in the Classroom” at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 17,  in the Center for Teaching and Learning, ILC 315.

Are your students struggling to connect out-of-classroom experiences to course content? Are their reflections not meeting your expectations? Are you hesitant to assign reflection papers? Using frequent, short reflection activities can help students make those connections with their peers. Reflection does not need to be written outside of class; it can include engaging and fun activities that allow students to process their thoughts verbally before they write them.

This session will model activity-based reflection rooted in learning theories while also providing you with the tools to implement them in the classroom. You will leave with a broader understanding of how to integrate reflection into your classroom, and a list of specific activities you can easily plug into your class.

To enroll in this workshop, visit

For questions, contact Thomas Atkins, or 426-4610.