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Professor Dick Payne Leaves Lasting Impact

By: Brady W Moore   Published 2:03 pm / November 3, 2015

Photo courtesy of David Payne

Photo courtesy of David Payne

Retired economics professor Richard “Dick” Payne passed away on Oct. 23, at the age of 78. Payne was a beloved teacher and adviser who received more teaching awards during his tenure than the rest of the economics faculty combined.

Professor Patrick Shannon worked with Payne in the College of Business and Economics, and notes that thousands of students and colleagues were positively impacted by their interactions with Payne.

Dick Payne“He was a wonderful person who loved teaching and loved his students,” Shannon said. ” His students loved him, as well. Dick was always one of the most respected professors in our college. You would never hear Dick say an unkind word about anyone. ”

Dick’s son, David Payne, shared that his dad loved teaching at Boise State so much that everyone around him knew it. He remembers his father saying, “I love my job so much that I get depressed when Friday rolls around.”

Payne came to Boise State from the University of Southern California where he completed his Ph.D. in public finance. He retired in 2004 after 34 years at Boise State University. He was honored as a Top Ten Faculty Member six times; 1978, 1987, 1988, 1993, 1995 and 2000. Since his retirement in 2004, each year an economics student with high moral character is awarded a scholarship in his name.