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Boise State, UI Team Up to Offer Affordable Law Degree

By: Kathleen Tuck   Published 2:18 pm / July 18, 2016

Friendship Bridge with trees turning fall colors.

Boise State University and University of Idaho Law School have launched a joint law degree program that affirms their commitment to creating a partnership to expedite the training of legal professionals.

The 3+3 Law Degree Program will allow qualified students to complete their undergraduate and law school education in less time: three years at Boise State, followed by the three-year juris doctor program at University of Idaho.

The agreement is similar to one signed earlier this year with Concordia Law and offers Boise State students additional expedited options to achieve their educational goals.

“With the University of Idaho’s College of Law expanding its offerings in Boise, this agreement creates great opportunities for Boise State students to access a high-quality juris doctorate program right here in our back yard with a reduced cost in dollars and time,” said Tony Roark, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. “We’re very excited about the partnership and the options it presents for our students.”

Lee Dillion, associate dean for the University of Idaho’s College of Law in Boise, noted that the program allows Idaho students to earn a valuable professional degree at an affordable price.

“As state schools, I think it is important to note how we have partnered to ensure a high-quality and affordable education with strong employment outcomes – with the 3+3 making the resulting degrees even more affordable,” he said.

UI’s College of Law recently was rated as the fourth least expensive law school in the United States (based on projected debt at repayment) by Law School Transparency website. The program also was recently ranked No. 18 for employment outcomes. The data — based on the Class of 2015 — makes it one of the top law schools west of the Mississippi River, behind only the University of California, Berkeley, and Stanford.

To qualify for the 3+3 Law Degree Program, Boise State students must submit a registration form by May 15 of their sophomore year to indicate their interest in the program, take the LSAT in June or September of the same year, and apply for admission by Feb. 15 of their junior year.

Once a student is admitted into the University of Idaho Law School, the first 30 credits earned in the juris doctor curriculum will be counted toward undergraduate coursework, allowing the student to receive a baccalaureate degree from Boise State.