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New Scholarly Journal Available to Undergraduates

By: Brady W Moore   Published 10:11 am / August 29, 2016

In a collaboration between Margaret Sass, University Foundations instructor, and Amber Sherman, librarian at Boise State, a new journal, International Journal of Undergraduate Community Engagement (IJUCE) is now online. IJUCE is open to all undergraduate and graduate students and is specifically created to celebrate Boise State students in their endeavors of community engagement.

Sass was inspired by her students to create a medium that will meet the needs of her students as they explore literary communication. Her students write many reflective essays and community-based research papers that she felt would add to the scholarly domain of undergraduate research. Additionally, she wanted to encourage her students to publish articles on community service and engagement that highlighted their experiences with nonprofit organizations.

“As an undergraduate student, I was never introduced to the many opportunities of undergraduate research, especially in the social sciences,” said Sass. “My goal is to introduce community-based research and reflective practices to students as an opportunity to showcase their literary work. Perhaps that will inspire students to continue researching and being actively engaged in our community.”

Sass will be encouraging her UF200 students to submit group and individual articles that meet the requirements of IJUCE, including the submission process and peer review. IJUCE is open to all undergraduate students at any university.