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Isaac M. Castellano

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 3:10 pm / September 6, 2016

Isaac M. Castellano

Department of Political Science
School of Public Service

Isaac M. Castellano presented a paper at the Sept. 3 American Political Science Association annual meeting in Philadelphia. Castellano’s paper, titled “Militia Membership and Civic Participation in the US,” examined the level of participation among militia members, Oath Keepers and preppers in the United States.

Utilizing a unique survey he conducted last year, Castellano’s findings indicated that members of these groups were more than twice as likely to vote, contact elected officials and attend protests that average Americans, even though common depictions characterize them as socially isolated and disconnected from daily political processes. Castellano’s paper argued that while these groups reject many federal powers, they remain highly involved in local and state policy debates.

The paper is part of a larger book project examining the influence of the alt-right on the policy process, including their influence on the Wise Use movement and gun control debates.