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Listen to Cancer Research Bronco Zone Presentation

By: Kathleen Tuck   Published 12:33 pm / October 6, 2016

Attendees listen to cancer research presentations at the Bronco Zone.If you missed the panel discussion on cancer research and prevention on Oct. 5, you can listen to the presentation here. Three researchers from across disciplines gathered in the Bronco Zone in the Stueckle Sky Center during Buck Cancer Week for an informal presentation about their work.

Presenters include:

Cheryl Jorcyk, director of clinical and translational researcher and professor of biological sciences. Jorcyk and members of her lab have worked tirelessly to gain insight into the connection between inflammation and cancer. Previously, the lab has correlated inflammatory proteins with an increased metastatic process in breast, prostate and ovarian cancers. It currently is focused on inhibiting these processes, and migrating toward inflammation in another deadly cancer — carcinoma of the prostate.

Julia Oxford, director of the Biomolecular Research Center and professor of biology. Cancer research in Oxford’s lab focuses on developing new diagnostic tools. Specifically, she and her colleagues have designed specific antibodies that can be used by pathologists as they analyze tissue biopsies from patients.

Daniel Fologea, assistant professor of physics. Fologea’s research focuses on developing new approaches for controlled drug delivery of anticancer drugs only at the tumor site. He and his research team have designed drug carriers capable of releasing their payload when exposed to X-ray radiation conventionally used for radiotherapy.