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Max’s Minute: Future-Proofing Systems with OFC and Taleo Recruiting

By: Shad Jessen   Published 7:47 am / November 1, 2016

Photo of Max Davis JohnsonThis is the fourth in a series of posts discussing continuing improvements for Taleo Recruiting and Oracle Financials Cloud. View previous entries at

Future-Proofing Our Core Systems

Globalization, changing demographics, economics, shifting political priorities and accelerating technology innovation are pressuring higher education to reconsider existing models of delivering educational services and supporting research.

Mission-critical solutions, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), human capital management (HCM) and student information systems (SIS) play a critical role in addressing these challenges.

It is increasingly difficult for Boise State (and other institutions) to keep pace with accelerating innovations in technology. Security, mobility, scalability and performance are particularly challenging issues.

Ensuring technology efforts we undertake today will not require a complete overhaul within the next few years is a more complex endeavor than ever before. We want systems that won’t need significant updates as technology advances.

This is the concept of future-proofing.

Moving mission-critical solutions to the cloud is one of our core strategies for future-proofing. Oracle Financials Cloud (OFC) and Taleo Recruiting represent the beginning of our journey to future-proof Boise State’s core systems.

Oracle Financials Cloud

A prime example of future-proofing is the planned update to Oracle Financials Cloud (“OFC Release 11”) scheduled for Nov. 7. Bingo!

About every six months, Boise State will receive improvements and enhancements for OFC. We’ll always be able to ensure we are on the current release of the product. Continuous improvements and being on the current release – what a novel idea.

Granted, there will be changes we’ll need to review, some of which will require us to adapt (we have the ability to do that). Over time, we will fall into a rhythm with regular cloud updates and this will become a part of our culture.

Sponsored Projects is continuing to reconcile data since July 1. We anticipate completing this in time for OFC Release 11. We’ve reviewed delivered PI reports and dashboards with select PIs, and have received a big thumbs-up. These will be available to all PIs upon implementation of OFC Release 11.

Once all the data is reconciled, we will focus on PI training, processes, and additional reports and dashboards.

Two different views of Budget vs. Expense reporting for all account types have been released by University Financial Services. Budget transfers will also be available soon in the campus transaction dashboards.

We are continuing to evaluate and enhance security, access, cross-validation rules and other system controls as we learn and understand more about OFC.

As a reminder, you can find job aids, documentation, tutorials, FAQs and class schedules for all things OFC at the University Financial Services Training Portal (including new reports as they are released). University Financial Services experts will even come to you … all you have to do is ask.

We are also beginning development of the new approved travel pre-authorization concept, and the new BPAR form and process should be ready by the end of next week.  We will do a limited BPAR release during the first part of November, with a planned enterprise-wide release after that.

Taleo Recruiting

We have started work on implementing the approved streamlined hiring process for faculty in Taleo Recruiting. We anticipate reviewing the new process by Nov. 4, and releasing shortly thereafter.

Once the improved faculty hiring process is in place, we will begin work on improvements to the professional staff hiring process.

University Financial Services, Sponsored Projects, Human Resource Services, OIT and Oracle remain committed to doing everything we can to make these systems work better for you.

– Max Davis-Johnson

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