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World Usability Day Aims to Make Products More Accessible to All Users

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 10:32 am / November 2, 2016

Students evaluate a document for accessibilityA class of English 535 students is pushing to make Boise State’s campus and beyond more accessible to all audiences. From 10 a.m.-noon Saturday, Nov. 12, they’re hosting a World Usability Day event in the Liberal Arts Building Room 206.

Usability is the study of whether a website, product or service is usable, learnable and accessible for all users. For Boise State’s World Usability Day event, the students want to help people understand how usability can help influence an individual user’s experience. They will do so by offering free consultations on websites, documents, flyers and other products to increase the product’s usability for intended audiences. To illustrate the idea of usability, they will demonstrate how to conduct a usability test – a research method that harvests input from actual users on how to improve the user experience. Attendees also will learn more about the importance of accessibility, as well as see first-hand some projects that graduate students have been working on.

This event is free and open to Boise State students, faculty, staff and the public.

World Usability Day is an international event dedicated to the concept that vital services and products should be easier to access and simpler to use, and that no one should be made to feel stupid by technology that fails them. It is about making the world work better for all people and spreading the message: No one should settle for products and services that don’t work well.