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Essential Boise State Functions Remain Open But Flexibility Encouraged

By: Sherry Squires   Published 5:35 pm / January 4, 2017

Road conditions have reportedly improved on main roads but remain poor in most neighborhoods, and while some campus functions have to remain open, supervisors and vice presidents are encouraged to work with their employees to determine who can and should work from or stay at home today.

Facilities crews are hard at work battling the snow and trying to make campus as accessible and safe as possible, but services will be limited. Please use caution as you navigate around the university.

The university can never fully “close,” because university operations include many events, functions and business operations that range beyond traditional classroom learning. Students live and eat on campus (some even during winter and other breaks), outside events are scheduled and services must be delivered to incoming and existing students.

“If you see your colleagues out and about working be sure to say thank you,” Associate Vice President for Human Resources Jay Stephens wrote in a morning email. “Their priority will likely be our students who are returning to campus for the coming semester and any events that are already scheduled for campus.”

He encouraged supervisors and managers to be as flexible as possible and said the “safety of Boise State’s students and employees will always be foremost in making the decision to postpone/cancel classes or close operations.”