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Tim Thornes and Michal Temkin Martinez

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 2:49 pm / January 11, 2017

Tim Thornes and Michal Temkin Martinez

Associate Professors
Department of English
College of Arts and Sciences

Studio portrait of Tim Thornes.

Tim Thornes

Portrait of Michal Temkin Martinez.

Michal Temkin Martinez

Tim Thornes and Michal Temkin Martinez recently presented at the annual meeting of the Linguistic Society of America (LSA). Their joint paper, titled “Documenting Languages of Displaced People: an undergraduate capstone experience,” described unique aspects of the linguistics capstone course in linguistic field methods offered at Boise State, in which students document languages spoken by members of the Boise refugee community.

Additionally, Thornes presented a paper titled “Regional Language Endangerment: bridging disciplines and communities in the classroom,” in which he described the design of a special topics interdisciplinary course on perspectives on Native North American languages. Both presentations were part of a special session on endangered languages in the undergraduate curriculum that was co-organized by Temkin Martinez and Shobhana Chelliah from University of North Texas.

Temkin Martinez also co-taught a faculty development mini course on innovative pedagogies sponsored by the linguistics in higher education committee of the LSA, and stepped in as co-chair of the committee on endangered languages and their preservation, whose mission is to call attention to the rapid loss of language diversity worldwide, and encourages the documentation and study of endangered languages.

Thornes also was selected and participated as a LSA partner for the National Science Foundation-sponsored project, “Building Capacity in Linguistics and Endangered Languages at Tribal Colleges and Universities.”