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Science Building Back Open After Chemical Explosion

By: Sherry Squires   Published 10:43 am / January 19, 2017

Chemical incidentThe Science Building is back open this morning after being evacuated and closed overnight. Nitric acid and isopropyl alcohol mixed and caused a small explosion under a chemical hood in the lab in Room 308.

No one was seriously injured but several students and staff members were evaluated at the hospital as exposure to nitric acid can cause serious burns.

“The Chemistry Department staff responded immediately to the exposed students exactly as trained. The safety and health of the students was everyone’s utmost priority and their quick response was excellent,” said Suzy Arnette, lab safety officer. She noted any students impacted by the event should reach out to their instructor or the Department of Chemistry with any questions.

The explosion was reported shortly before 5:30 p.m. and was caused by a chemical waste container that contained nitric acid and isopropyl alcohol. Boise Fire Department called for an evacuation of both the Science and Education buildings and a BroncoAlert was sent out to keep faculty, staff, students and visitors away from the incident. Education Building classes were later allowed to proceed.