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State Board Approves New Global Studies Program

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 2:22 pm / February 17, 2017

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The Idaho State Board of Education has approved a new Global Studies undergraduate program at Boise State University, offering students another competitive avenue to find their professional footing in a rapidly globalizing world.

The global studies program in the School of Public Service will emphasize world language proficiency, global literacy and study abroad. The program will officially launch in fall 2017. More information can be found at

School of Public Service Dean Corey Cook said that the program fills an important gap. “The mission of the School of Public Service includes a regional, national and international focus, but we’ve been missing the international piece. Developing this program is fulfilling a need we see in our programming, as well as addressing a desire from students to expand their education to a global scale. Classes will span across most of the colleges at Boise State.”

One of the global studies program directors John Ysursa worked with the Boise State Career Center on program development to ensure that graduates will possess the professional skills that globally minded employers want. Graduates will have “dozens of career paths, ranging from business, law, government and nonprofits,” Ysursa said.

Flexibility also is built into the program. Global studies students will be able to choose their own world language component, focus of regional study and area of academic emphasis. These emphases include world economics, world cultures, sustainable futures and international relations.

This is just one of three new undergraduate programs to join the School of Public Service. The environmental studies program recently relocated from the College of Arts and Sciences, and a new undergraduate urban studies and community development program received State Board approval in December.

Also this week, the State Board approved a new, fully online bachelor of business administration degree in management. Many of the students expected to enter the new program will be working adults with some prior college experience who want to enhance their careers in management. The program will focus on skills in digital communication, presentation and management. Graduates will develop the knowledge base, analytic abilities, digital competence and interpersonal skills needed to become an effective and ethical leader and manager.

The university has developed a number of new online programs that help reach potential students who need flexibility in their education due to professional and personal responsibilities, or who may live in a rural area of Idaho that does not have face-to-face educational opportunities.