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Brian Wampler

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 11:06 am / February 21, 2017

Studio portrait of Brian Wampler.

Brian Wampler

Political Science
School of Public Service

Brian Wampler was an invited guest of the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, which organized a conference titled “Participatory Budgeting in Taiwan: A Dialogue from Within and Without.” Wampler gave a talk at the international conference, which was held in Taipei. Participatory budgeting was the subject of Wampler’s first book (published in 2007) and remains a continued area of research for him. In addition to the presentation, Wampler also was a member of  the conference’s final round-table discussion. The conference was enriched by a visiting delegation of researchers and practitioners from mainland China. While in Taiwan, the visiting groups visited three cities where they learned about new participatory budgeting projects.