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Boise State Prof Offers Insight on this Summer’s Solar Eclipse

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 11:18 am / February 22, 2017

Brian Jackson talks to an audience about eclipsesOn Boise State’s first episode of Update Live, the podcast, physics professor Brian Jackson discusses this summer’s hottest event – the Aug. 21 solar eclipse, which is slated to cast the moon’s shadow across the belly of Idaho for the first time in 38 years.

In the half-hour podcast, Jackson discusses the best places to see the eclipse, how to safely view it – “Do not use a telescope. do not use binoculars … doctors show you will not go completely blind but you will damage your eyes severely” – and then answers audience questions about the history of eclipses, who “eclipse chasers” are, why eclipses aren’t named like hurricanes and more.

In addition, Jackson is currently running a PonyUp campaign to support an educational tour across the Gem State for the 2017 eclipse. Those who donate $10 to the campaign will receive five pairs of eclipse shades for safe viewing.

Jackson said he is expecting thousands of visitors to Idaho for the Aug. 21 event. “With the path of totality passing directly across our state, Idaho will be a destination for eclipse-chasers from around the world.”

Update Live is a regular podcast hosted in the Alumni and Friends Center by the Office of Communications and Marketing. The podcast focuses on interesting research and topics discussed by campus experts. To suggest future topic ideas or interviewees, email Brady Moore at