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Yu-Chang Hsu

By: Brady W Moore   Published 6:53 am / March 2, 2017

Portrait of Yu-Chang Hsu.

Yu-Chang Hsu

Associate Professor
Department of Educational Technology
College of Education

Yu-Chang Hsu has been selected for the fourth year as one of the coaches to work with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab at the Center for Mobile Learning to train teams of middle and high school students in the Verizon Innovative App Challenge.

This year, he will be coaching the team from Tesla STEM High School from Redmond, Washington, to develop their app that can help support the transportation needs of people with disabilities.

The teams developed concepts for mobile apps that solve a problem in their community. With Hsu’s coaching, they will apply collaboration, problem solving, coding knowledge and entrepreneurship to turn their app concepts into working products.

Hsu supported a national winning team of middle school students in 2014, a team of high school girls in 2015, and a team of middle school students in 2016, to develop mobile apps through on-site training and other virtual scaffolding mechanisms. The 2015 team was also invited to the White House Science Fair to demonstrate their app, Safe & Sound, that is designed to help friends and family members who struggle with stress, anxiety and depression.

This year’s best-in-nation teams will present their completed mobile apps at the 2017 National Technology Student Association Conference in Orlando, Florida.