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Sally Baldwin and Yu-Hui Ching

By: Brady W Moore   Published 11:36 am / March 14, 2017

Sally Baldwin and Yu-Hui Ching

Department of Educational Technology
College of Education

Sally Baldwin, doctoral student, and Yu-Hui Ching, assistant professor in the Department of Educational Technology, published an article entitled “Interactive Storytelling: Opportunities for Online Course Design” in TechTrends.

The article details how compelling interactive stories can be used to get and keep learners’ interest in online courses. Interactive storytelling presents information in a manner that involves learners by allowing them to connect with the content. Incorporating interactive storytelling into online education offers the potential to increase student interest and knowledge retention. 

Interactive storytelling also allows learners to create a personalized experience. By analyzing examples of interactive stories, they identified five features of interactive storytelling: dynamic presentation, data visualization, multisensory media, interactivity and narration. They explain each feature, and its educational benefits, with illustrations provided from five interactive storytelling examples. They also discuss the implications of interactive storytelling for online course design.