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Amber Hoye and Fatima Cornwall

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 9:55 am / March 15, 2017

A poster conference

Amber Hoye and Fatima Cornwall

Department of World Languages
College of Arts and Sciences

Three women sitting at desks.Each year, one member state from the Pacific Northwest Council for Foreign Languages selects a speaker to present at the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign languages annual conference.

This year is Idaho’s turn, and the executive board of the Idaho Association of Teachers of Language and Culture has selected Amber Hoye and Fatima Cornwall’s presentation titled “A Teacher’s Toolbox: Comprehensible Input Strategies for Language Educators.”

Their presentation was selected from the teachers of language conference, which took place in Pocatello last October. Now Cornwall and Hoye will have the honor of presenting their session at the annual foreign languages conference this coming November in Nashville, Tennessee.