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Sign Up for May in Motion and Shake Up Your Commute

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 9:49 am / April 4, 2017

People commuting by bikeThe sun is out and May in Motion is right around the corner – now is the perfect time to start planning your new spring commute. This year, instead of competing as individual Boise State departments, participants will be part of May in Motion as an entire campus. Commuteride would like all students, faculty and staff participating in May in Motion to register for the Boise State team here:

The Google form saves your daily commute in the system and it can tell you how many calories you’re burning and the CO2 emissions you’re saving. As an added bonus, it can help you find a carpool to join or bicycling buddies to ride with. The form also automatically enters you into May in Motion and makes you eligible for year-round prices.

Why participate? Over 80 percent of Treasure Valley commuters drive a car to work and most drive alone. With more than 200,000 commuters in the valley, this leads to too many cars on our roads. Not only does extra traffic waste gas, money and time, it also causes wear and tear on our roads and adds pollution to the air.

Why not take the month of May to get moving and give yourself the chance to reinvent your commute, discover alternatives and go green?