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Idaho Students to Learn Hands-On Lessons in Global Economics at Boise State

By: Brady W Moore   Published 3:05 pm / April 7, 2017

More than 1,100 high school students from across Idaho will descend on the Jordan Ballroom at Boise State University in the coming weeks to prove their knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm for global economics. After a full semester of studying, researching and preparing their economic strategies, high school teams will compete in the International Economic Summit, with sessions held from 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m. April 10, 14 and 26.

The economic summit, hosted by the Idaho Council on Economic Education within Boise State’s College of Education, is a one-day simulation of the global economy and what happens when countries compete for scarce resources, form strategic alliances, debate global issues, invest in long-term development projects, interact with global economic institutions, and seek to stabilize and advance the global economy. Student teams will represent more than 100 nations of today’s world.

Kimberly Barnes, associate director of the Center for School Improvement and Policy Studies at Boise State, said “The economic summit is preparing our next generation of global leaders. Critical to producing business leaders in the 21st century, students engage in teamwork, problem solving, international trade, finance, banking, debate, video production and design.  Teachers and students have put the textbooks aside to bring meaningful learning to life in this fun and challenging game.”

The summit is an effective learning experience for high school and university students on globalization, international relations and economics, and is now being replicated in other states and countries.