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Susan Shadle, Anthony Marker and Brittnee Earl

By: Sherry Squires   Published 9:52 am / April 19, 2017

Susan Shadle, Anthony Marker and Brittnee Earl

Leadership team members

Susan Shadle, Anthony Marker and Brittnee Earl co-authored a manuscript published in the International Journal of STEM Education titled “Faculty drivers and barriers: laying the groundwork for undergraduate STEM education reform in academic departments.”

This publication focuses on the initial response of Boise State STEM faculty to an institutional transformation in teaching and learning in STEM disciplines in order to increase student success, persistence and degree attainment. Faculty identified a variety of barriers and drivers for exploring evidence-based practices, utilizing assessment data to inform teaching choices, engaging in dialogue around teaching and learning, and engaging in continuous improvements in teaching. The barriers and drivers faculty reported were used to identify and tailor strategies to help departments shift teaching practices.