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Jessie Sherburne

By: Sherry Squires   Published 7:13 am / May 5, 2017

Service-learning students at Dry Creek Trail

Jessie Sherburne

Biological Sciences

Jessie Sherburne collaborated with local public land management agencies to provide her BIOL 100 students with hands-on experiences in the local ecosystem learning how people can change or modify it. Sherburne facilitated a service-learning project in partnership with Sam Roberts of the City of Boise’s Ridge to Rivers Trail Restoration Program. On April 1, her students repaired a section of the Dry Creek Trail.

Student responses to the experience have been very positive. One student remarked, “I developed a profound respect on those who come out here and donate time to take care of these trails.” Another student said, “This opportunity has made me extremely interested in doing trail work and it has me thinking of possible career paths.”

Sherburne collaborates with the agencies to provide this experience to students because, “it gives students an opportunity to work with a professional in the field, gain knowledge about a local area, and experience working outside. All of these are opportunities that they might otherwise never get to experience.”