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Jill Gill and Justin Vaughn

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 7:38 am / May 9, 2017

Jill Gill and Justin Vaughn

The Blue Review
School of Public Service

Editors stand in awards banquet hall

From left to right: Justin Vaughn, Nicole Bare Kinney, Jill Gill.

The Blue Review, which is co-edited by Jill Gill and Justin Vaughn, recently took home honors from the annual Idaho Press Club awards banquet. The Blue Review is an online journal of popular scholarship in the public interest published by the School of Public Service.

The Blue Review was honored in three categories: an honorable mention for website general excellence, a second-place prize for serious feature for an article by Nicole Bare Kinney on parole and justice reinvestment, and a first place prize for an article by Justin Vaughn on the need for pundits and professors alike to take the Trump campaign more seriously.