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In-Gu Kang

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 2:19 pm / May 11, 2017

In-Gu Kang

Assistant Professor
Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning
College of Engineering

Two men standing while shaking hands

In-Gu Kang, left, with ISPI president Klaus Wittkuhn.

In-Gu Kang received the 2017 Distinguished Dissertation Award from the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) during the 2017 performance improvement conference held in Montreal April 30 – May 2.  Kang’s dissertation is titled “Empirical testing of a human performance model: Understanding successes in federal agencies using second-order structural equation modeling.”

Kang will join the department of Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning in July 2017.

Kang’s study strives to offer a proven and comprehensive model that can address organizational needs and opportunities for improving performance, as well as be used as a communication tool to build partnerships with clients. The findings of his study contribute to the advancement of both the body of research knowledge and to the practices supporting human behavior and successful organization performance. The research can make a difference in educational settings, where there is an opportunity to resolve a wide variety of human learning and performance problems.

“The proven and tested HP model presents a good starting point of taking a systematic approach in solving these diverse learning and performance problems in educational settings,” Kang said.

Kang received a Ph.D. in instructional systems technology at Indiana University Bloomington and currently is working as an online learning analytics in the Center for Educational Innovation at the University at Buffalo.