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Steve Swanson Partners with Local Classroom to Promote STEM Education

By: Brady W Moore   Published 2:49 pm / May 12, 2017

To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, former NASA astronaut Steve Swanson co-taught an 11th grade chemistry class at Mountain View High School. Swanson is Boise State’s distinguished educator in residence; to teach the chemistry class he partnered with IDoTeach and new Boise State graduate, Melissa Roberts.

Photo of Steve Swanson smiling. The duo took over Sam Goff’s 11th grade chemistry class, where students have been diligently working on their capstone chemistry projects. The projects involve developing a scientific chemistry question centered on one of the five types of chemical reactions. Once their question is ironed out, students go through the scientific method. Swanson, Roberts and Goff worked with students by rotating through centers to provide feedback on the projects as the students made final adjustments and refinements of their projects.

The partnership between student teachers and distinguished community members is a significant community success and comes as UTeach celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. Boise State’s IDoTeach program is one of 43 STEM teacher preparation programs throughout the nation that follow the UTeach model developed at the University of Texas at Austin in 1997.