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Mandy McDaniel and Jamie Andrus Sheppard

By: Sherry Squires   Published 1:19 pm / May 16, 2017

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Mandy McDaniel and Jamie Andrus Sheppard

Math Learning Center, College of Health Sciences

A presentation by Mandy McDaniel, lecturer in the Math Learning Center, and Jamie Andrus Sheppard, academic advisor in the College of Health Sciences, titled “Students Reaching the Summit of Remedial and Prerequisite Math through Collaborative Advising” scheduled to be presented at the 2017 NACADA Annual Conference Oct. 11-14 in St. Louis, Missouri, has been selected by the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Advising Commission to be one of its sponsored sessions.

Each NACADA commission can select a maximum of three proposals for this honor. Commission-sponsored status is awarded to sessions that reflected information particularly representative of that commission’s interests. Sponsored status will be reflected in the program everyone receives at the conference, facilitating attendance by participants interested in this commission’s focus. Sponsored sessions also will be designated by a star next to the title on the annual conference website under the tracks section.