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New Dean of Students Website Addresses Academic Integrity

By: Sherry Squires   Published 1:56 pm / May 19, 2017

The Office of the Dean of Students has created a new website to support academic integrity on campus. Now faculty and students can access many resources to support academic integrity, as well as to define and respond to academic misconduct, in a single location.

The site emphasizes three research-based recommendations, and the tools to meet them, in order to strengthen our campus culture of academic integrity.

  1. Including value-based conversations about academic integrity in the classroom.
  2. Clearly defining academic misconduct within each course and, when appropriate, for each assignment.
  3. Consistently responding to academic misconduct in accordance with Policy 2020: The Student Code of Conduct.

Further detail about each point above along with topical resource sheets related to subjects such as tutoring, tests and quizzes and collaboration, have been developed in collaboration with Academic Advising and Enhancement, eCampus, and The IDEA Shop/CTL. In addition, there is now guidance for students who are responding to an allegation of academic misconduct as well as sanctioning guidance and an updated step-by-step guide for faculty.

This site is intended to be a hub for all resources and information related to academic integrity. If you know of an additional campus resource or have a suggestion for a topic to be included, please use the feedback link on the site. Please note, the information previously found under the faculty section of the Dean of Students webpage has been updated and will now route users to the new Academic Integrity website.