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Boise State Employee Grace Tuttle Completes the 10K Commuter Biking Challenge

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 1:39 pm / May 31, 2017

Grace Tuttle in front of the Cycle Learning CenterGrace Tuttle, an instructional technologist at Boise State, is a dedicated bike commuter – so dedicated, in fact, that she recently completed her goal of biking 10,000 miles with the Cycle Learning Center’s 10k commuter club. The Cycle Learning Center tracks mileage for commuter club members and offers free tune-ups every 1,000 miles. Best yet, participation is free – simply email Gabe Finkelstein at to sign up.

Tuttle has been bike commuting to campus since she was first hired at Boise State in August 2012. She is the first female at Boise State to log 10,000 miles in bike commuting.

Her ride to work from her home from southeast Boise is admittedly picturesque –it’s mostly along the Greenbelt. “I enjoy my path and it’s ‘Grace’ time when I ride to and from work, especially during the less busy season,” she said. “I get to see some birds, ducks, geese, deer, elk, commuters, runners, bikers and walkers that I get to say ‘hi’ to.”

In addition to the peaceful commute, Tuttle said she rides because it’s faster than driving to work, it’s easier to get downtown or grab groceries on the way home and best yet: “I started mountain biking again – I take off from work and go up the foothills.”

Finally, Tuttle added, “I feel the stress when I drive the car to work – no need to have that… or to worry about parking and parking tickets on campus or downtown. I like peace and calmness that’s why I mostly ride.”