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Pei-Lin Yu

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 6:34 am / June 16, 2017

Peo-Lin Yu Headshot

Pei-Lin Yu

Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
College of Arts and Sciences

Ancient tools of Asia.Pei-Lin Yu is co-author on three newly published journal articles that span a prehistoric arc of cultural evolution in China. The expertise of Sheng-Qian Chen of Renmin University in Beijing enabled this research, which is significant in that China is one of the most ancient and diverse centers of plant and animal domestication that forged the evolutionary path to farming and ultimately today’s industrialized, globalized societies.

The first article, “Variations in the Upper Paleolithic adaptations of North China: A review of the evidence and implications for the onset of food production,” was published in Archeological Research in Asia and presents an analysis of unexpectedly diverse Paleolithic cultures in North China.

The second article, “Early ‘Neolithics’ of China: Variation and Evolutionary Implications,” was published in the Journal of Anthropological Research and evaluates the echoes of Paleolithic diversity in later fully agricultural Neolithic cultures.

The third article, “Intensified Foraging and the Roots of First Farming in China,” also was published in the Journal of Anthropological Research and makes an evolutionary argument for the influence of Paleolithic cultural diversity on the critical transitional period toward agriculture in China, more than 10,000 years ago. Much of the data are presented in English for the first time.

All three articles are available through the Albertsons Library.