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Dave Meredith

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 2:39 pm / July 5, 2017

Dave Meredith

Assistant Director of Transportation
Department of Public Safety

Dave Meredith recently passed a demanding certification examination awarding him a national Certified Administer of Public Parking (CAPP) certification. The exam is administered through the International Parking Institute (IPI) and the University of Maryland.

CAPP is respected worldwide as the leading credential in parking. CAPPs represent the best of the industry, providing service, demonstrating competence as they advance the parking profession, and leading with innovation, professionalism, and expertise. CAPP designation is meant to assure stakeholders (employers, regulators, consumers, and the public) that the credentialed parking professional has demonstrated an established level of knowledge in the field. CAPP stands for Certified Administrator of Public Parking but since it embodies all industry sectors it is simply known as CAPP.

More information on CAPP certifications can be found at