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Nick Miller publishes article on blog Refugee History

By: Cienna Madrid   Published 12:46 pm / July 20, 2017

Portrait of Nick Miller

Nick Miller

Department Chair
Department of History
College of Arts and Sciences

Nick Miller published a short article on the blog Refugee History. The piece is titled “The Remarkable Story of the Uskoks: Lessons on Migration from the Middle Ages.”

It begins: In the 1530s, several thousand Orthodox Christians known as “Uskoks” (from uskočiti, “to jump forward,” or “attack”) moved north out of Ottoman-controlled Bosnia and into a small district known as Žumberak, in Habsburg-controlled Carniola. These were refugees fleeing religious persecution, typical of their times. But certain qualities set them apart from their contemporaries in flight, Huguenots and Jews above all …

Read the piece here: