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Christina Schwiderski and Taylor Tacket

By: Brady W Moore   Published 10:14 pm / July 25, 2017

Christina Schwiderski and Taylor Tacket

Housing and Residence Life

Christina Schwiderski and Taylor Tacket developed and facilitated webinars for the Association of InterMountain Housing Officers (AIMHO).

Schwiderski, the associate director for residence life, hosted a webinar titled, “When the RA is in Trouble,” a session to help peer institutions develop student employment conduct processes in collaboration with campus partners. Housing and Residence Life worked very closely with the Dean of Students office to create a transparent process to address instances when student staff members living on campus allegedly violate the Student Code of Conduct, Housing and Residence Life Community Standards, and/or the agreement for their position. The presentation illustrated work done at Boise State, outlined the need for these processes, and provided a guide for developing a protocol, how to introduce it and where to keep it.

Tacket, the assistant director for conduct and standards, hosted a webinar titled, “Assessment 102: Crafting a Culture of Evaluative Storytelling.”  In this session, he described the work of connecting what employees “do” to the mission, vision and values of their department, their division and Boise State. From there, he guided participants on the process of how to design experiences through learning, programmatic and operational outcomes, and create cohesion between “goals” and the student experience.

Both Schwiderski and Tacket are heavily involved in AIMHO as they collaborate with peers across the region to improve the student, student staff and overall university experience.