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Shikhar Sarin

By: Brady W Moore   Published 1:54 pm / August 9, 2017

Portrait of Shikhar Sarin.

Shikhar Sarin

College of Business and Economics

Shikhar Sarin, Stacey Malek (BBA, ’12), and Bernard J. Jaworski, from Claremont Graduate University were named winners of the 2017 Sales Education Foundation/Neil Rackham Grant Award for their research, “Informal Controls, Salesperson Engagement, and Performance: Toward an Empirically Validated Comprehensive Framework.” The award announcement was made at a reception at the American Marketing Association Conference in San Francisco on Aug. 5.

Sales Education Foundation (SEF) is a non-profit component fund of the Dayton Foundation. SEF partners with academic trailblazers and industry professionals to help establish and support effective sales programs around the world.