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Blackboard to Replace Digication for Student e-Portfolios

By: Sherry Squires   Published 12:33 pm / August 11, 2017

Starting fall semester 2017, Boise State University will be supporting a new platform for student e-portfolios through Blackboard. This allows for a single learning management system for courses and associated e-portfolios. Digication, the current e-portfolio system, will continue to be accessible and supported through this academic year but the tool will expire summer 2018 and the student fee that funds Digication will be removed.

A review of Digication began in fall 2016 as Boise State faced the decision whether to renew the vendor contract. Together, the Provost’s Office, University Foundations, Learning Technology Solutions, and the IDEA shop engaged a six-month review of the tool including the extent of its use and satisfaction among faculty and students. We discovered relatively low usage and uncertainty about Digication’s effectiveness. That information, coupled with the significant cost of contract renewal, led to the decision to shift the e-portfolio platform to Blackboard. Other freely available tools such as Google Sites and WordPress will continue to be supported to meet Boise State’s needs.

Please contact either Learning Technology Solutions ( or the IDEA Shop ( for more information or if you have questions. LTS and the IDEA Shop are available to assist with transitioning from Digication to Blackboard.